Biodegradable Protective Cover

BeSt 100% biodegradable and compostable covers are designed to offer elegance and smartphone protection. Not only are they pleasant to touch and effective in meeting your needs, these high-quality covers also help to protect our environment.

Available colours :

Organic and 100% recyclable materials

100% eco-friendly and recyclable packaging

Designed using organic materials

Eco-friendly promise

Product description

BeSt protective covers are more than just eco-friendly, they also respect the environment more widely because they are fully recyclable.

As well as protecting the environment, they are also fun to use thanks to their original colours and pleasant texture.

They provide plenty of protection against daily dangers, such as bumps, scratches or dust by perfectly encompassing the shape of your smartphone.

The covers are made of compostable plant materials in order to respect our sustainable ethic.

The packaging is made of recycled cardboard and printed with plant-based ink. The attachment is made of natural plant fibres and the glue is also plant based.

By choosing a BeSt product, you also help to take care of our planet. In addition, BeSt promises to donate €1 to organisations involved in the protection of our local environment. We are currently supporting Reforest’ACTION in financing the planting of over 1,000 trees in our forests.

Give nature a helping hand!

BeSt is a brand which is devoted to a sustainable world, and has developed various ranges of accessories using ecological materials.

For every product sold we promise to donate €1 to organisations involved in protecting the environment and, in particular, projects to offset our present lifestyle.

As such, BeSt is helping Reforest’ACTION to reforest downgraded areas in Belgium and Luxembourg.